In Aline’s Eyes: Burlesque Summer Party in Lido

Article already published in French in my blog

The Lido, to close its rich and varied show season has decided to return to its first love, burlesque, unknown style in this part of the country. Accompanied with Aline, a 25 years-old trend forecasting student and a deep passionate of the genre, we have passed a unique evening. What a thrilled program: dark humour, pin-up singers and gorgeous strippers.

From 9 pm to 1 am, burlesque artists have come and go under Aline’s attentive and curious eyes: “I have discovered this particular trend through my passion for fashion. Indeed, I have seen Dita Von Teese’s pictures in a magazine. The well-known dancer was wearing memorable red crystals ballerinas and was striping. This burlesque reinterpretation of the 30s has directly pleased me”. So, she was really excited on this 29th June to enter the Lido’s world, travelling in the past in the city centre of Lausanne.

At start, we have got quickly in the heart of the matter with Lauren Spielvogel, a dark-humoured burlesque comedian. Alone on his orange and gold couch, this chic and bald man has enchained sketches on numerous atypical characters, from a sissy to a macho lesbian, then a depressive Jewish grandmother to end up with a racist taxi driver. Aline has smiled, laughed, reacted, she was clearly loving his cynical sense of humour. She was applauding and told me:” I have liked, his style is perfect for a Burlesque party because everything is allowed and nothing is taboo.” Politically correct does not match with burlesque genre which is more provocative and trenchant.

When three beautiful creatures wearing flamboyant red lipstick and perfect wavy chignons had appeared on stage, they looked like real pin-ups. Pretty, funny and playful, El Trio Chickiboom have sang 30s and 40s classics a capela. Aline explained to me that they have been inspired by the famous swing and boogie-woogie group called Andrews sisters. Interacting lightly with the audience, their performance was intoxicating! “I have never seen a live concert like this one, it is unbelievably alive.” Cherry on the cake was Miss Anne Thropy and Lada Redstar’s entrance. The two luscious strippers shared their show with Charly Voodoo the crazy comic: “I profoundly admire these ladies and their boldness. I have also adored interludes made by this foolish misanthropic and hilarious man.” Suggestive music, professional stripe-tease, burlesque is an art: “Costumes are tailor-made with a focus on details. More than that, the dancers are original but they have kept some burlesque traditions such as sexy patches for the final.” Good news, the Lido Comedy Club ( plans to organize more burlesque parties in 2012! Look at the dates!

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    Lido rocks!

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