Go to hell Lady Gaga!

by Karin Baumgartner (not a Lady Gaga’s fan)

The devil

Initially planed on Sunday the 3rd of June in Jakarta (Indonesia), Lady Gaga‘s concert is canceled! Why? Because she is a satanic singer of course! See what she looks like:

Her “vulgar” style doesn’t please everyone and can almost shock other culture. The mother monster started her world  tour “Born this way Ball” on the 27th of  june in Seoul. Almost there Lady Gaga’s show was judged to pornographic. Her performances in Filipinas, in Hong-Kong and in Japan already had some religious opponents but were still maintained. That’s not the case in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, were the demonstrations were more violent.

The Indonesians’ reaction

Indonesia is known as the most populous Muslim nation. Some Indonesians, which are religious hard-liners are against the singer’s erotic aspect. They judge her clothes too sexy and her attitude too provocative. According to them, she is not a good example for the young generation. Moreover she is an activist of gay rights and that’s against their beliefs.

Already in April, some of the Conservatives Muslim groups, including the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) demonstrate to stop the US Pop singer from setting foot on Indonesian soil. The FPI had insured to be capable of gathering ” 30.000″ demonstrators to prevent Lady Gaga ” to spread its satanic faith “. They threatened to kill her in the stadium. How? They would buy tickets to join the concert and would provoke a real “chaos”. Taking into account this threat, the Indonesian police decided on the 15th of May to ban the concert. Though, that was not excluded that the concert happen in another city.

Police after refusing a permit for Lady Gaga to perform in Jakarta, were still considering an offer from her local promoters to tone down the pop superstar’s racy show. For example, to ban fans under 18 to enter was a possibility to have more control and make the concert an adult-show.

During these negociations, on May 25, Indonesian Islamic hardliners stage a protest against US Pop diva in front of the Security Ministry. Here is a video to show the hatred and violence of some of the Islamists, demonstrating on the street:

Lady Gaga’s social media talent

Because Lady Gaga has close to 25 millions of followers on Twitter (a record for this social network) she knows she is influent. On the 26th of May, just before taking the decision to cancel the concert,  the mother monster called for peace with this tweet:

During the weekend 26-27th of May, her manager tried to find an agreement with the Indonesian authorities to maintain the concert. At the conclusion of these two days of difficult negotiations, the organizers finally decided to cancel. It was too risky for the pop star and her fans. Local promoters Big Daddy Entertainment said on its website that 100% refunds would be given to ticket holders. 52’000 persons bought their ticket within two weeks, and the concert was sold-out. When they discover the gig was canceled a lot of fans were very disappointed. There is an example of their reactions:

Not only popular on Twitter but also on Facebook, Lady Gaga is definitely the Queen of social media. She knows how to communicate with her fans. A good example for it is the amount of commentars and “I Like” Lady Gaga’s facebook profile collected after the announce of the cancelation:

For this announce, traditionnal media were late. They picked up what was going on in social media and reacted only this Monday (28 May). Even the Lady Gaga’s official website is not updated , because the show of the 3rd of June in Jakarta is maintain. That means that every fresh news come up, first of all, on the Twitter account of the Pop star.

Lady Gaga’s answer

Yesterday evening (29 May) the diva was giving a concert  in Singapore. She said that she dedicated her concert “to special little monsters” : she was mentioning her Indonesians fans. Lady Gaga called the audience to shout “You were born this way Indonesia”. Here is the video (and you can judge by yourself if she is provocative or not!):

In Lady Gaga’s show, she always call for freedom: freedom of acts, of thinking, of sexual orientation. But for some people the pop star doesn’t respect other culture, other religion:

What do you think about this commentar?

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    gaga is fantastic!!!!! this nonsense religion always comes in between every good thing !!!bloody religious donkeys…………

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    Your stupid !

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