Roger Federer: The number one on Social Media

Roger Federer is the best tennis player of all time. He charts the most comprehensive and holds incredible number of records. His tennis is sparkling, his talent is raw and his form is always present this year 2012 where it could regain its number one mondial rank. His fair play and his natural sympathy make him the player most appreciated worldwide.

The tennis world is in awe of this extraordinary player. Hopefully it makes us vibrate many more years on the circuit, but that is not the subject of my story.

Roger Federer, in addition to being the best tennis player of all time, is also the tennis player the most present on the Internet and social media. It is naturally impossible to get a comprehensive overview of everything that is said or done on the internet about Roger Federer, but try to understand how Federer Mania translates onto the web.

His Website

Roger Federer has its own website where we find all the information about him, the sportsman, the president of its foundation, man, dad etc. … This is obviously not him who is the webmaster, but certainly someone who knows him well, because the information is accurate and fast enough.

People can become members of its site. There are currently (May 22, 2012) 334’000 members of his website. Become a member permit to participate in forums, to participate in the community Roger Federer. In this sense, Federer is truly an icon. Members have no real benefits, they just participate in the community of their idol.

One last thing to note on its website is the fact that we noticed that Federer is a product. He derived a brand bearing his image and sell items on its site.

This is the same for his own fondation that promotes education in Africa. Indeed, Federer obviously has the advantage of having the admiration of everybody, and he used it to publicize its foundation.

This website is very well done. Sober, just like Federer, but with all the advantages of a real businessman, even if it seems a bit hidden. Now see the presence of Roger Federer on Facebook.


Roger Federer has his Facebook page and there are 10’589’250 people who like that (May 22, 2012). In comparison with other tennis players, it is the first, with a short lead over Rafael Nadal and a very long ahead of Novak Djokovic, world number one yet ranked tennis today. Federer is a true monument, also on Facebook. (It is not the most popular athlete on Facebook, but must be within 10 premiers.Examples of athletes more popular than him on Facebook: Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kobe Bryant  )

On this Facebook page, Federer does not talk much about tennis. It is mainly photos of himself or links  to the world at its tournaments. For example, it was last week in Rome and met Francesco Totti (great Italian soccer player) and has posted a picture where they are together.

He speaks generally of tennis when he won a tournament to thank his fans. Each of its interventions on Facebook gives rise to thousands of comments from his fans. On Facebook, there are also dozens of other pages that are called Roger Federer, each with thousands of words “I like”.

A simple picture of him in Rome leads to more than 100,000 “likes” and approximately 6,000  comments. It’s amazing!

Comments on Roger Federer are mostly glowing and the fans are full of praise when it comes to complimenting their champion.


Against all odds Federer does not have a Twitter account. It sounds really surprising. Indeed, we know that Twitter is perhaps not much used in Switzerland, but Federer is an international star, this is even weirder. The fact that Roger does not have a personal Twitter account does not mean that nobody talks about it on this social media. Instead Twitter is full of tweets about him.

Every game he plays is always commented on Twitter. His look, his hair are also many topics discussed on Twitter:

The Twitter account @FedererNews is one that works best and what appears to be the most serious and most frequently updated.


When you write “Roger Federer”  on Youtube, you get about 35,000 results. Most videos are posted by amateurs who saw him during a specific tournament.

These amateur videos are not viewed by many people (from 100 to 30,000 on average).

Videos that have the most success are those that combine the best or the most beautiful points that Federer has managed during his career to date.

Federer, the man of sixteen Grand Slam titles, is also a very important personality on social media. It is talked about in each of his appearances. Just watch a game of him on streaming, and we immediately understand the passion that the public may have to. Comments abound like declarations of love of his game

The public likes to talk about Roger Federer on the Internet, but Roger Federer has himself realized the importance of social media in its communication methods. He knows the importance of these items now, and he happens to post such advertisements in which he participated in preview on Facebook.

His post  on Facebook:

The video itself:

Federer is more than a tennis player, he is also a businessman and an international star. Like any businessman, he understood the importance of social media and knows exactly what to do to be effective. And it works, because he is the best on social media too!

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