Eurovision 2012 Winner: Social Media “Euphoria”

Saturday 26th of May, the Final of Eurovision Song Contest 2012 was held in Baku in Azerbaijan. During the world`s most popular music competition, that attracts millions of television viewers, the Swedish singer, Loreen, performed the winning song “Euphoria”. For many weeks Sweden has been a favorite across Europe and its position was reinforced during the semi-final last Thursday. Juries and television viewers awarded Loreen a total of 372 points that placed the singer far ahead of her competitors:

How to explain this tremendous success of the Swedish singer? Without any doubt, Loreen deserved this victory. She got to the top of this year`s Eurovision contest because of her incredible performance, strong and beautiful voice and fascinating dance, leaving many viewers breathless. But was it the only key to her victory? Indeed, before bringing her “euphoria” to the stage, the Swedish star achieved an “euphoric” success in the social media, that certainly increased her chances to win. Loreen was one of the few Eurovision participants who used social media strategically to promote her song and engage with her fans. On her official Facebook page, she managed to grow the community of 100000 fans before the contest:

Moreover, she organized a strategic social media campaign in order to connect with her fans all over the world. She proposed them to use the Instagram application to upload a photo where they are portraying the lyrics of her song in a creative way. The best photos will be used in the official music video for her song “Euphoria”:

The Instagram campaign helped Loreen to cultivate her fans and to collaborate with them before the Eurovision contest. The campaign was also launched on Loreen`s official Twitter account:

Three weeks before the contest Loreen promoted the hashtag #Loreen12p on her Facebook page that was used by her fans in social media:

The hashtag was also promoted on her official website where she asked her fans for support before the contest. She even offered them the possibility to download the official Loreen wallpapers to their smartphones and tablets:

This active social media campaign helped Loreen to become a favorite for Baku Eurovision contest several months in advance. Besides Twitter and Facebook success, Loreen was very popular on Youtube having already few millions of views:

She stayed engaged with her fans till the last moment before going out on the stage. Few minutes before her performance, Loreen “sent her love to her fans” posting a video on social networks:

And her fan`s support was not in vain: Loreen became a winner of the Eurovision 2012 Song Contest. Just after her victory, the social media “euphoria” started:

Definitely, the use of social media helped Loreen to create a massive, engaged fan community to vote for her performance during the contest: one of the keys to success in the music industry nowadays.

By Evgeniya Kolpakova

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