Finally, Eurovision found its star

On the 26th may 2012, there was the 57th Eurovision contest. If you do not know about the Eurovision contest, the principle is simple : each European country has chosen a singer or a band to represent his nation with a song. The candidate has to face the others competitors and receives a mark from the Jury. This contest is also well known for its “ridiculous side”. Actually, we do not really know how the candidates are chosen but it seems that the particularity of the singers is : originality. For example, in 2006, the Finnish group, with its phenomenal costume, won the contest.

The edition of 2012 had also some groups quite funny. In this video, we can see a medley of top 15 ridiculous songs of the Eurovision contest 2012.

But this year something was different. The winner is a Sweden singer who made a strong impact to the jury with her song « Euphoria ». Loreen, 28 years old, won with 372 points, more than 100 points on the Russian folk band Buranovskiye Babushki which finished second. Serbia’s Zeljko Joksimovic came third. Loreen started to came famous in Sweden 8 years ago with the TV show « Idol » even if she didn’t win the competition. But this time, in front of 100’000 viewers, she did a fantastic show, thanks to her beautiful voice. Loreen advocates a return to nature. Her music is soft and her dancing is light and quiet. In Stockholm, the result was celebrated by hundreds of people dancing in the street.

Reactions and controversies about the contest
People were also very active on social networks about this contest. People encouraged their respective countries, making predictions on the winner but also criticizing certain candidates. The famous french presenter Mustapha El Atrassi also criticized the French candidate Anggun who made a bad performance. She finished ranked 22nd out of 26 candidates.

Anggun also commented herself her opinion about the contest the following day :

France has often disillusionment with Eurovision. In 2008, there was also a little controversy with the candidate Sébastien Tellier. He was selected by the channel France3 to represent the country at the Eurovision contest. The controversy was about the song they chose – called ‘divine’ from the album ‘Sexuality’ – which was written in English. At this time, UMP deputy François-Michel Gonnot was shocked that a French candidate could sing in English. “A lot of people don’t understand that France renounces to defend its language in front of hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide”, he commented. The french singer responded in an ironic way about the controversy : “It’s not because i’m singing in English that the price of the ‘baguette’ will decrease.”

Nevertheless, multicultural won this year. Loreen is a perfect example; she was born in Stockholm from Moroccan parents. “When i’m in Marocco, i feel incredibly Swedish, but when i’m in Sweden i know that i have a different character, i don’t know always the rules of society. But for me this isn’t negative, because i don’t like borders. I don’t like discrimination and group that compares to another”, she said.

And what about Switzerland?
The Swiss group, Sinplus, originating in the canton of Ticino, composed of the two brothers Iban and Gabriel Broggini could not sing on Saturday because they were not qualified for the finals. The band lost against Azerbaijan in semi-final.

The last time that Switzerland won the Eurovision contest was in 1998 with  Nella Martinetti and her song « Ne partez pas sans moi ».

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