An open letter to Adam Yauch

Dear Adam Yauch I hope you’re doing well,

I know a lots happen and you’ve been through hell

So we give thanks for providing us good music

Through your words and with your songs you made magic

Adam Yauch (aka MCA), founder of the legendary hip-hop group Beastie Boys, passed away on the 4th of May after three years of battle with cancer. This native New Yorker was a very influential artist with multiple talents: musician, rapper, director and activist, he could do it all. Lets take a look back to his life’s achievements.


He was born in August the 5th, 1964 in Brooklyn. He taught himself to play bass when he was in high school. Beginning of the 80’s, he created the Beatie Boys, with Mr. Diamond, as a hard-core punk band. They released a few EP but the success was not there yet. In fact, they started rapping as a joke, and then found out that the audience liked it better ! From there, they became the first white rap group to achieve massive mainstream success.


Their first hip-hop album “Licensed to Ill”)was recorded in 1986. This opus included the famous song “(You gotta) fight for your right (to party)”. The success followed with another major album, “Paul’s Boutique”, three years later. Only MCA, Mike-D and Ad-rock had enough genius to mix up all kinds of genres: hip-hop, rap-rock, experimental hip-hop, etc. Their masterpieces just could not stick to one category.



Not only did he do good music, but Yauch also started is own film Production Company called Oscilloscope Laboratories. He even directed some Beastie Boys videos including “So Whatcha Want,” “Intergalactic,” “Body Movin’ ” and “Ch-Check It Out,” .


In 1994, Adam Yauch started the non-profit Organization Milarepa Fund, to denounce the situation in Tibet. He launched a series of concert all around the world (San Fransisco, NYC, Tokyo, Sydney, Amsterdam,…) to raise awareness for his cause. After 9/11, he organized the event “New Yorkers against violence” to provide help for victims. A fan wrote on his blog: “The fact remains that Adam Yauch turned the world into a far better place than how he found it » .

The Beastie Boys were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April, but Adam was unable to attend due to his health. Today the world of music suffers a bereavement. Adam Yauch was only 47 but yet was a member of the most influential hip-hop band of the century. He owned a Music Label and a Magazine brand, he was a producer and still had time for charity.  He was also a beloved husband, a father and a model for an entire generation of hip-hop fans.

Official site of the band:

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