Youtube videos: now on your mobile!

Youtube is a website created in 2005 by three former Paypal employees. This site enables people to display all kinds of videos. This website changed in time: it enabled people to upload longer videos, and lately, it also enabled people to watch video is 3D. In 2007, Youtube mobile was launched. To use it, you need a mobile phone that plays streaming videos like most 3G phones do. As Youtube mobile is a data intensive application, it is strongly recommended to have an unlimited data plan. Otherwise, you will end up with a huge bill!

Youtube for Mobile 2007

youtube mobile as in 2007

“YouTube is really starting to broaden their reach by letting people get this content through means other than their main website

In 2010, a brand new layout for Youtube mobile got out. With a more attractive design and way more functionalities, this new app is ready to seduce the customers.

Advertisment for Youtube mobile 2010:

Developed by Google Inc., this application is free and compatible with most of the smartphones. It was downloaded between 100,000,000 and 500,000,000 times in the last 30 days.

Youtube mobile 2010

Due to the incredible popularity of Youtube mobile, I decided to test it myself! Here are my pros and cons:


  • you can watch more videos than with the earlier version.
  • you can post and read comments easily
  • you can record and share your home made videos


  • you don’t have a clear view of your subscriptions
  • There is no personal viewing history
  • the screen is too small


I don’t think this new app is really useful. Of course it can keep you occupied when you are waiting for the bus, but it is not really pleasant to watch videos on such a small display. Most of the new functionalities created for smartphones are legitimate (emails, facebook, twitter) because they allow people to keep connected with each other.

However, Youtube is used for entertainment and this main function has been very well integrated to the new app. As you can record short movies with your cellphone camera, youtube mobile enables you to share them instantly (as shown at the end of the following video).

Youtube for mobile user’s guide:

Further information about youtube and youtube mobile:

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