Palestine, member of the Unesco

A surprising diplomatic victory

On the 31th of october, Palestine became the 195 member of the Unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Over 173 lands voting, 107 accepted the motion, 14 refused and 52 voted blanc.

Palestine entering the Unesco didn’t make everybody happy. United-States got the news coldly. They decided to cut their subventions to Unesco, overall 60 millions dollars ! You can find in followinfg this links the declaration of the permanent representant in the Unesco where he explains the reasons why his country didn’t wanted Palestine to be admited in the Unesco.

However, some specialists describe this admission as a certain progress in the process of acceptance of Palestine as a entire state. Indeed this solution doesn’t bring the direct negociation process with Israel up but rather give no choice to the jewish state.

Is that the good way to stopp this conflict ? Which option is to be choosen ?

A Palestine  sovereign state

Before initiating a motion asking the admission of the Palestine at the Unesco, the first minister Mahmoud Abbas deposed, on the 23th of september, a demand of admission for a palestinian state at the UN. This entry at the UN seems for the moment to be compromise. The admission comittee of the United Nations Security council was namely « disable to give a concordant recommandation to the security council ».

Must palestinian people go ahead in this way ? Or in the contrary shoulb they be satisfied from their status of « observer state » that  they actually have and focus on the peace process ?

The following  article on the AJM website shows, however the admission of the Palestine as the 194 member of the UN is still not achieve, that discussions, motions and resolutions about Palestine exists. One of them is presented to you in this « flasback » article.

Are this resolutions efficient ? Do they have an impact ?

We won’t  teach anything to you : the conflict between Palestine and Israel didn’t start yesterday ! Here is a little historical fresh-up to better understand the contention points and the demands of each parts.

Infography (to visualize the differents chapter, clic on the middle arrow)

Your ideas are now normally clear.

So you, dear bloggers, what are your solutions to get out, to end this conflict between Palestine and Israel ? Are the choosen strategies the good one ? How do you figure yourself the future of Israel ?

Just let your comments to enrich the discussion !

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  1. #1 by dandresg on December 13, 2011 - 10:49

    Bel article, mais je reste pour ma part persuadé que la Palestine n’est malheureusement pas prête à se voir confier un Etat. Le conflit israélo-palestinien n’est pas qu’un conflit territorial, bien au contraire: il est surtout religieux, culturel, ethnique et remonte à l’arrivée des sionistes juifs en Palestine pour fonder l’Etat d’Israël au début du XXe siècle. Aujourd’hui les Israéliens ne veulent pas abandonner les acquis de la guerre des Six Jours qui leur procure sécurité et puissance, alors que les Palestiniens croient au retour d’Allah qui sauvera le territoire sacré des profanateurs juifs. Ce ne sont pas les résolutions de l’ONU qui pourront faire avancer un tel problème, mais un accord entre l’OLP et le pouvoir israélien, même si jusqu’à aujourd’hui les pourparlers ont toujours échoué.

  2. #2 by dianerodrigues on December 14, 2011 - 13:43

    Je suis d’accord avec D’Andrès, et ce conflit est devenu tellement compliqué que c’est devenu très dur d’émettre un avis pertinent.

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