Google+, would it be my new hangout?

Hello, my name is Jade and as a representative “noob”, I only started to take deep attention of Google + few days ago. I know, on a web timeline, waiting 4 months before being part of a new community is really being a has-been!  The worst is, since Google “fabulous” social network’s creation, my geek boyfriend had tried to convince me to drop out of Facebook and to join him in his “Wonderland”. But as I told him many times, a first love will stay in your heart forever… and Facebook and I are in an intimate relationship for more than 5 years!

So, should I follow this new trend? Or should I be faithful and pretending that Google+ does not exist?

Intrigued, I have surfed on Youtube to get to know deeper Google+. Then, a funny video has awakened my curiosity:

“You don’t need to choose Google+, sooner or later; you are going to end up using it”.

Really?  In this case, sooner is better than later, isn’t it? Then, it is time to give it a shot. After all, a little bit of concurrence is beneficial in all kind of businesses, even on the social media market.

And not surprisingly, after some online research, I have found numerous advantages on Google+:  Circles (the organizational tool) Sparks (a listing of interests) and Hangouts (a multiple chat video). With a brand new account, users could be driven by new perspectives. This social network also points out its competitor’s deficiencies. No offense to Facebook’s aficionados but Google+ is the first to protect us in a clearly efficient way, for example with its private profile.

More than that, Google+ adds useful functionalities on its mobile application such as bubbles, flows, instant uploads.

The service is adapting itself, proposing new features according to networkers.  “What’s hot” is one of them! As a consequence, because of its flexibility and attractiveness, the site, in less than 5 months, has already emerged in the top ten of social networks in France. And with its 10 millions of followers, it is just the beginning.

Could Google+ be able to crowd out Facebook in a long-term vision? Some bloggers are really skeptical: it seems that Google+’s traffic is already declining.Perhaps Am I too late? Do I miss the Google +’s train? I don’t think so…

By consequence, it is time to activate my profile and to enhance my stream because for the moment, it is quite empty as you can see:

Oh dear! I have just realized I only have 5 friends at all. It is pathetical compared to the 300 hundreds on my Facebook. Well, now, I have no choice, I should promote Google+ in my surroundings.  The best way to do that is via my first love Facebook (it is paradoxal, isnt’it?). So, I have published the video below this morning on my Wall … And at the moment, I am still waiting to extend my Circles.

After all, who says that’s impossible to love two things at the same time?

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