MAY 1st ,2011

On May 1st 2011, the press (REUTERS) announces Oussama Ben Laden’s death, gunshot by the United States Special Operations Forces, in his house, located in the Bilal Town, Pakistan.

Shortly after, president Barack Obama release a video, widely watched, in which he confirms Oussama Ben Laden’s death.

MAY 2nd

Approximately 24 hours after his death, his body is buried at sea by a United State Navy aircraft. Reuters relates that according to

“clerics in  Saudi Arabia, a staunch U.S. ally and the country of Osama bin Laden’s birth, dismissed Washington’s assertions it observed Islamic rites in disposing of the al Qaeda leader’s body in the Arabian Sea.”

While the Euro-American governments react with enthusiasm  (video taken on may 1st) to the announce of Ben Laden’s death, Arabic countries express indignation and disappointment. (an example of a video taken on the morning of may 2nd in Pakistan)

American press agencies confirm that the body has been identified by a DNA test,

Associated Press twit

May 3rd

Hereunder, a video of  German chancellor Angela Merkel expressing her feelings about Ben Laden’s death

By saying “I am glad that it was successful, the killing of bin Laden,” she causes irritation among many. On May 6th, an article in The Spiegel is released on the subject.

May 4th

Confidential videos have been released and privately seen by an exclusive amount of people, but no visuals have been divulged to the public. On May 4th Obama’s administration’s confirms its intention to keep all visuals hidden to the public.

On May 8th, Barack Obama is interviewed by 60 minutes and discusses the reason of his decision to not publish the video or pics of Ben Laden’s death and corpse.

May 4th and after

The decision to forbid public access to visuals that may show and prove Ben Laden’s death cause panoply of discussions around the veracity of the entire operation. Conspiracy theories proliferate all around the web.

Several newspapers thereof dedicate articles that discuss conspiracy theories that have emerged Ben Laden’s death.

Hereunder, we may analyze the two internet buzzes that have emerged around the Ben Laden death affaire.

The highest point represents the announce of Ben Laden’s death. The A point, shows that conspiracies theories had enough success to slow down the disinterest curve.

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  1. #1 by Dan Caron on November 11, 2011 - 06:04

    60% of people thinks Oussama Ben Laden does not know how to make coffee!
    You can judge him too…

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