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How great is the Internet? You can become famous without having to leave your room… Today, thanks to social networks and the Internet, any anonymous person with talent (or not) can become famous by posting amateur videos on YouTube. Let’s look at this phenomenon.  Anonymous teenagers in the need of recognition, dreaming of celebrity put online a video of what they do best. A way to become famous democratized by the Internet. Not only is the talent of the person important, but today most importantly is how people react to it and speak about it on social networks.

Justin Bieber is the most known example of this phenomenon. The American singer, who is today a worldwide star, started his professional career on YouTube. His mum posted a video of him on a local contest that was seen in a few days by millions of Internet users. Later he posted other videos of him singing R&B song, which is how his future agent Scooter Bruner discovered him.  He later sold his first album “My World” at more than 4 millions exemplary. Keenan Cahill who makes freaky lip-sync playbacks of pop hits, started his career on YouTube just as Justin Bieber. He is the new YouTube sensation, here is his story.

Keenan Cahill is a 16 years old American boy from Chicago, who suffers from the Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome preventing him from fully growing since the age of 8.

The boy lip-synchs current music hits and posts all that on his YouTube channel under the pseudo BeenerKeeKee19952.

Since October 2009, he became famous with a reprise of the Katy Perry “Teenage Dream” song made in summer 2010.

The video has been watched almost 5 million times between the 28 of August and the 14 of September. The performance was even noticed by the artist herself who thanked him on Twitter, which made him known for the 3 millions followers Katy Perry currently has.

The Perez Hilton website made by Perez Hilton a very influential American gossip blogger heard about the tweets and published the following news:


From this point on, the popularity of the kid did not stop growing.  Since then all his videos are hits and thanks to that many stars started to appear in his clips. He made for instance, a video with Nick Cannon, LMFAO, Jeremih, Lil Jon, or even David Guetta in his studio. All of these videos have been seen by millions of people. A video with 50 Cent that was made for the Chelsea Lately show on E! Entertainment, is as of today one of his most famous video with more than 31 million views:

He has a Facebook account that is partially closed for non-friends, but you can see that he has currently 4546 friends. It is actually possible to find 28 “Keenan Cahill” facebook personal pages, only one really belonging to him, other persons pretend to be him and have set up fake facebook pages. There also a large amount of Facebook pages concerning the singer, the biggest one has 141 200 “like”. It Contains comments about him from people all over the world.


There is also a large amount of Facebook groups but none of them exceeds 1000 members.

Keenan is also on Twitter, he updates himself his profile almost every day and has currently 103’978 followers.

For the past 30 days, 2236 tweets where made including the name “Kennan Cahill” most tweets come from fans all over the world that discovered a new video he made and share it with their followers.

Keenan Cahill started to film his videos with his webcam in his room. His videos could have been lost in all the clips YouTube contains, but destiny decided otherwise. His way to move, his mimics, and unique physic made him famous. On November 2010 his channel became the 72nd most popular account in the category musician – World on YouTube. As an all his videos have been seen 70 millions time on his official channel only, without counting the copies of his videos circulating elsewhere on YouTube. Beginning to become famous he received a camera and started to make better quality videos, but on the other hand his videos started to be less spontaneous and more commercial. For example he appeared in an Ad for a product Jennifer Aniston is representing. Between the first videos in 2009 and the latest one posted with LMFAO in May 2011, the aesthetical evolution is quite striking. From the bedroom to the studio, a webcam effect, dark light, fixed central plan to a professional camera and more professional technic, better light, change of environment and several plans within one video. Now surrounded by two agents, Kennan Cahill has become a professional whose job is to make lip-synch playbacks. After winning the spotlight battle, he is promoting his “brand” himself everywhere by promoting local TV stations or other unknown singers looking for fame.

It makes no doubt that the fact famous people started to appear and comment his videos helped him greatly in expanding his brand. because it made people more interested in knowing who he is.

A buzz never happens over night and it takes time to reach a large population. As we can see with this graphic, showing the web search of “Keenan Cahill” over the last months. It started slowly at the end of September 2010 when Katy Perry tweeted about him and the playback of her song. The biggest pick can be observed at the end of last year because it reached a large amount of the population and everyone wanted to know who was this new  phenomenon people where all talking about. Since then the buzz has slowed down a little but it comes up again each time he is inviting a star to feature in his video. In this case there is no doubt that the fact famous people joined him in his videos helped him get so popular. and it will certainly continue like that for a while if he manages to get enough coverage but also renew himself taking advantage of the buzz he is actually getting.

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