The Madrid tennis Open 2011

You are a tennis fan, but your studies or your job do not allow you to follow a tennis tournament because you can’t watch the matches on the television or on Internet in live… I have got the solution and i’m going to prove that it is possible to follow them thanks to the social networks! With Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, you can follow the news of the best players. Yes, you can watch all the best moments that you missed; it is very easy. Let’s take an example with the recent Mutua Madrid Open of tennis 2011. I’m going to summarize the open tournament with information coming only from tweets, facebook pages and YouTube videos.

The Madrid Open is a very nice tennis open, because it is the opportunity to begin the clay-court training for a lot of tennis players. The little altitude of Madrid enables to play really quickly. Just the week after, the tournament in Rome completes the training to be fit for the Grand Slam of Roland Garros. Brad Gilbert is a tennis analyst, coach and a best-selling author. He confirms us on Twitter that the clay-court season has begun.

But for the tennis fans, the event began a bit earlier. In fact, they could take part to the recruitment by competitive examination. By posting a video on YouTube demonstrating their motivation, they could win the chance to be the video blogger during the event.

MutuaMadridOpen was really active on Twitter, as soon as they annouced the opening of the event!

However, all the information twitted was a link to some YouTube videos. In fact, there is a special page on YouTube, where you could follow the news day after day, some interviews, the best shot points, and you could access to a video that summarize the day.

On the 30th of March in the evening, the Mutua Madrid Open organized a gala dinner with a lot of tennis players as guests to celebrate the 10th birthday of the event!

After the party, it is time to focus on the matches. The first day already had its first big matches and surprises, for instance the encounter between Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Nicolas Almagro. Even if the Spanish player was favorite because of his world ranking, the French Tsonga did not give the chance to Almagro to win (6-1, 6-3).

On the second day, we could notice a very nice shot in the match which confronted Andy Roddick and Flavio Cipolla. It was an incredible match, because Cipolla, the World No.160 caused the biggest upset of his carrer and beat the American Roddick in three gruelling sets: 6-4, 6-7 (7), 6-3.

On the 2nd of May, after the first matches it was still time to guess, to analyse and to bet on who was going to win, who was the favorite and so on… Here Rafael Nadal was talking about his future matches. The Facebook page of ATP World Tour asked: Is Juan Martin del Potro the biggest threat on clay?

The next day, one of the biggest matches presented David Ferrer against Adrian Mannarino. After a long fight to win the first set, Ferrer completely fell apart in the second. But the third set showed a strong player, who wanted to win despite the humiliation. At the end, Ferrer delighted home fans by beating the Frenchman 7-5, 0-6, 6-0. They played with passion and had some amazing shots. For instance, this one:

Wednesday the 4th, was also again a big day, because the best players were playing with the aim to go in the 1/8th final. Here it is confirmed by the active tweets of ATPWorldTour.

On the social networks, we spoke a lot about the biggest players in the world. Nadal, Federer, Murray, but in this moment everybody focused on Djokovic. In fact, since the beginning this year, he seems unbeatable… Is he going to continue his serie of winning matches?

The deepest suspense happend during the match of Roger Federer against Feliciano Lopez… You could follow the match in live with Twitter:

While the other players won their matches quite easily, Federer had to fight. On the Facebook page of the ATP World Tour, they asked the poor fans if they were worried!

Of course, the fans were concerned, like on Twitter, a special group of tennisfanz!

But it was a great tennis day. The organizers were very happy and lucky, in fact, the best players were still in the run to win. The official Facebook page of the tournament exulted:

A lot of people were under the spot during the event, but not only tennis players. For instance, here we can see Ronaldo… He caught a tennis ball during the match!

The next day announced a bad news. The so long-awaited fight between Nadal and Del Potro was cancelled. The Argentine player had got a hip pain and had to give up.

But the show continued and the 1/4th finals were coming soon!

After the qualification of Nadal, Federer and Bellucci for the semifinals of the 2011 Mutua Madrid Open, the World No.2 Novak Djokovic beat the crowd’s favorite David Ferrer. After an amazing match, he won 6-4, 4-6, 6-3.

See here perhaps the most exciting and bizarre point of 2011 so far:

On Saturday, the highlights were on the match Federer-Nadal. It was possible to follow in real time the match with the tweets of the ATPWorldTour.

A few moments after, it was the tour of Djokovic to access the final! And again, it was time to bet and to speak about the record…

What better than to relive the final with a summary of the best moments of the match. You will notice that one shot of Nadal was an historical one! Just enjoy!

By clicking here and here, you can access, with a Facebook count, to the photo album of the Tennis tournament, posted on the official Facebook page of the event!

After this huge new victory, Djokovic wrote a small tweet to thank the fans…

Next week, the Rome’s tournament can change the World tennis ranking… If Djokovic wins the championship and Nadal fails to reach the semifinals, Djokovic will become the first player other than Nadal or Roger Federer to hold the No. 1 ranking since February 2004.

Yes, it is possible to follow a tennis open with social networks. You just need to subscribe to the right tweets and to find the official Facebook page of the event. The Facebook ATPWorldTour is really nice to follow the whole tennis news. And you know that a lot of videos of the best moments are posted on YouTube, so you can work quietly and enjoy in the evening…!

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