The Quotagate

After the events in South Africa in summer 2010, a new case shakes French football. The information site Mediapart  revealed a discussion at a technical meeting of 8 November 2010 in which Francis Blaquart, national technical manager said he “strongly supports” the proposal to limit the number of foreign players trained in France. The national coach, Laurent Blanc also present, validated the project. Following these disclosures, the French federation and its leaders are being accused of racism. But the coach of les bleus will not be pursued by justice. The sports minister Chantal Jouanno found that there was no “violation of the law on discrimination in the case of quotas and it is not possible to say if Laurent Blanc endorses these discriminatory guidelines “.

However, despite the explanations of the President of the FFF and the excuses of Laurent Blanc, this case now called by journalists the “quotagate” took a huge  magnitude.

Two weeks ago, Edwy Plenel through his tweeter account, disseminated the information that will be directly retweet by users:

From this moment, the information has continued to spread. After 1 week, more than 2,200 tweets evoked this case. Today, after two weeks, are more than 3000 tweets that were sent mainly in France but also in other countries:

A large number of video of the case has been posted on video sharing sites. This is the case of an interview with Yannick Noah seen by over 13,000 users, in which he calls his friend Guy Forget and tries to make him take position in this matter:

Here, is another video of an interview with Laurent Blanc on Eurosport in November 2008 just after the famous meeting:

Web users fall into two camps: those who defend the coach and those who want his departure. However, according to a survey by the BVA institute, only 7% of French people want his resignation. We can see here positives comments from web users:

Some Internet users are more virulent with the coach, these comments reflected in:

A support group for Laurent Blanc has even been created on facebook. It currently has over 800 members:

Another Facebook group of 121 members, requests a boycott of the French football federation:

After the announcement this week of French Sports Ministry that no legal proceedings may be brought against members of the FFF, a large number of tweets from media groups were diffused on the Internet:

After the disappointments of South Africa, the hand of Henry, the case Zahia, all have been treated a lot on Internet and mainly on social networks.

Today, what is certain is that the quotagate will still be debated and social networks will be again in first position to relay, to discuss this matter, which will mark the history of French football.

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