The Festival de Cannes: stars are also shining on the Internet!

Imagine. Imagine that on the 23th of May 2011, you have to write a whole report of the Festival de Cannes adventure of 2011. Easy you’ll say; Canal + allows to see the whole thing for free. But (because yes, there’s a but), here is the challenge: you have no TV, no radio, no newspaper. The only available sources are Facebook and Twitter, that’s it. What? Why are you in a sweat? Relax, that’s not that impossible. And when you think about it, you could even say that it’s easier than watching the TV every single day, trying to get THE moment when the actor you loooove walk (finally!) on the red carpet. Because everything you want is on Facebook and Twitter ! And this even before the festival starts!

On the 28th of March, you could already smell the heat of the spotlights, the flashes, and of the red carpet of this 64th Festival of Cannes. And of course, you get the chance to know the essential: the president of the jury for instance! Or the mistress of the ceremony. With a beautiful picture you can comment on! Fabulous huh?

But what is great with such a page is that you don’t only know what film will be presented and what star will show up but you also get to see what is going on in parallel of the main competition. TV channels and newspapers rarely talk about the Short film competition or the Un certain regard competition. I didn’t even know there were such competitions, apart from the main one. Did you? It gives the chance to take the time to know what these competitions are really about and this is good for the ones who present their films in the Festival de Cannes and who are often put in the shade.

So far so good, no? Even before the press conference and the release of the names of the films, I knew that Mélanie Laurent would be the mistress, that Robert De Niro would be the president of the jury, Emir Kusturica the president of the Un certain regard competition, and Michel Gondry the president of the Short film competition. Plus, I know that Robert De Niro will receive an Honory Palme d’or during the opening ceremony. And a lot more! That’s quite good.

But that’s not it. On the 14th of April (the first D-day), the official page of the Festival de Cannes on Facebook came up with this great idea, instead of posting every single film of the Festival, of telling us to sign up to Twitter to follow in live the annoucement of the Juries and the films;

one tweet = one film

Out of competition                                                           Un certain regard                                         


The second D-day was the announcement of the jury members, with a picture, as always: Jude Law, Uma Thurman,  and many more, yummy!

Since then, the official page of the Festival on Facebook focused on the trailers of the different competitions. After the smell, the sight and the hearing. Just have a look!          

Hors competition film: “La conquête”

Un certain regard film: “The yellow sea”

Competition film: “Le gamin au vélo”

 Now, the third D-day! The opening. Waou! Ok; if you want to know every single detail, go see the Twitter page, you’ll see who are climbing the stairs, when did the ceremony begin and so on. One sentence, not more. So then again, it’s quite light and you don’t have any pictures right on Twitter, you need a link. However, on Facebook, what you get for information is pretty interesting and has got a real content. For instance, you can see the daily program, a good thing, isn’t it?

And of course, when the first stars are climbing the stairs and arriving in Cannes, unlike Twitter, Facebook offers you the pictures of the jury members which adds a touch of glamour. Look at this:

And there’s more. Because you have all the details of the opening film event, with the press conference, the pictures of the team of the film, “Midnight in Paris” and the stairs climbing. Do you think it’s too much if I add (again) another picture of it? Hmm, no, come on, let’s put only one more on this blog ok? And then I’ll stop, I promise.

Ok, right! I think I quite studied the official page of the Festival de Cannes on Facebook. Today is the second day of the Festival, so you’ll find on Facebook the daily programme, the pictures of the day. Don’t forget Twitter because you can find summary of the main events of the day, quotes of the celebrities and anecdotes about the atmosphere in Cannes.

Of course I only focused on the Facebook page which makes links with the Twitter one and with Youtube links. However, you have plenty of other pages from fans like you and me. The good thing with these pages and accounts is that you can find basic stuff about how to find a ticket, where you can we see Jude, Uma, Brad or Angie, find train tickets also, the best of the day, an accomodation and, and, and… The only thing to do is to write: “festival de cannes” on Facebook and Twitter to find all these precious information.

One more thing though. With all this you can write a full report as we were asked at the beginning; easy challenge! Nonetheless, if you really want to know more about this event, TV, newspapers and radio are useful media to give you critics of the films, interviews in live and some extra information. So don’t become a geek eating, sleeping, making love, running with your mobile to know the last tweet about it. You’ll be able to catch up by watching the news and reading an article in the “culture” category. So, relax and enjoy!

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