Somebody is becoming holy!

The beatification of an ancient pope, impossible to miss this event ! On the 1th of may, the pope John Paul II was beatified. Moment that is very important for the religious world and especially for the catholic one. The event convene 1 million people, from all countries, in Rome.  

Pope are still popular persons who can gather big mass. Especially John-Paul II, who was one of the most popular one. The comments on Youtube and Twitter confirm this tendance.

Already before his beatification, people created groups on the different social media to show their admiration for John Paul II. However, the announce of the beatification created a big wave of activity on the different social medias.

On Facebook, you can find lots of pages dedicated to John Paul II, principaly in english. Some pages were especially created for the event like « Jean-Paul II beatifié ». The page is however not so successfull, there is only 183 friends ! A more important page is the one named « Saint Jean-Paul II ». 491’405 people like this page. A statement was even made every day in order to know how many days releaves before the beatification.

On Youtube, John Paul II has a channel dedicated to his person .  The channel is linked to the one of « The Vatican ». Not as popular as the one of the Vatican, the channel of John Paul II has 5537 subscribers ( Also to notice is that the channel was created quite late, in June 2007. Related to the beatification, you could follow the entire ceremonie (more than for hours) on the channel. This video was very successfull with 41’205 views. Compared to the other one who just have in average between 3000 and 8000 views.

A seen before, the event reach a lot of people together. Therefore, it is possible to find comments, twitts, etc, in many langages. On Twitter, the main used langage is spanish. On the #JPII, there is almost exclusively twitts in this langage.

In order to show the popularity of the beatification of John Paul II, people are using for exemple humour. On Youtube, you can find videos showing big masses with a background of techno music.

John Paul II is a « star ». So like other celebrities, for exemple Michael Jakson and Patrick Swayze, some people don’t believe that he’s dead. Because he was the chef of the catholic church, believers also pray for him and wish that he could achieve miracles.

As a worldwide event, the beatification wasn’t only followed by the churchgoer but also by the politicians. The funniest anecdote is the one of Berlusconi who fall asleep during the celebration. Most people also made funny comments on the habits of Berlusconi. « He would be used to more animated evening », are they saying..

On this first day of may,  all the world had his eyes reached on the beatification of John Paul II. This was the occasion for the people to remember the personality of the ancient pope and to give their feeling about him.

All the processes and actions of the Vatican seems to come from another time. The time where latin is still a spoken langage, where the life procedes according to ancient habits. However, the social media have been very active in reporting, commenting and showing the beatification of John Paul II. They have been a great canal for the people to express their feelings, with modern tools. This is complete anachronism !

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