Panic of Nikos’fans on the social networks

or how Nikos’ fans react after the announce that he was leaving the broadcasting « 6/9 » on NRJ.

Nikos fans are crying, they’re devastated and they don’t understand. Yes, the man who helped them every morning to wake up after a good night sleep will not be at his place anymore. Nikos, the radio moderator of the radio broadcast 6/9 will leave NRJ, the  radio station on which he operated. The fans don’t understand the departure because, since he was there, the station has won 161’000 listeners according to Mediametrie. This allowed NRJ to become the leader of the top listing station for the morning programm in allFrance.

Was this man indeed that famous and loved was it just the broadcast ?


Twitter account

Looking at his tweet account, we can see that he subscribed in august 2010. According to an article in, Nikos, with his 81’010 followers had twice more of them that one another well known radio mederator : Cauet.

So yes, this man has a lot of fans in the French market. And he even has his puppet on the “Guignol Show” (French satirical emission of TV) :

Leaving the 6/9 !

But, Nikos is leaving the 6/9… With just one tweet , he explained the case to all his followers.

The 11th of may 2011, at 12.05, the news came through and panic settled in the fans groups (4 prime). 66 tweets of incomprehension were posted on Twitter 8 hours only after this news. It became the TT (trending topic)  in  France of Twitter for a couple of hours.

Some Net surfers don’t understand this fact, as this pictures on Twitpic prove it.

But a lot of net surfers, among his fans are supporting him.

A look at the impact on blogosphere

Although he became the TT in France, the blogosphere doesn’t rank this story among the most followed ones. In fact, looking at, this website never ranks it in the top subjects. This can prove that, even if he’s well known in France, his popularity doesn’t reach the other countries in the world.

On, if we look at nikkosoffiel (his tweet name), we can see that the little graphic on the right of the picture, suddenly there is a huge amount of tweets.

This proves that the news was a surprise, that the fans didn’t expect it and that they reacted quickly at the news. On Twirus, this information took the first place anyhow as « the most popular tweets of the day ».

Some hours after the breaking news, Nikos, as if he was feeling guilty, offered a picture at his followers. A view of the sunset at Cannes, where he just launched for the period of the festival. Again, the tweets were numerous, 60 this time, and the number of « views » suddenly increased: 1148 views in 34 minutes !

Nine hours after THE tweet, Google showed no less than 80 results for « Nikos départ » (Nikos departure).

The others social networks…

And what was happening meanwhile on the other social networks ? After looking around, we found out that Nikos broadcasting 6/9  has also a TV channel on Youtube and a Facebook page. But… nothing ! Neither on the Twitter NRJMusiconly.

Facebook : 206’719 “Like it” !

Looking a bit more closely, Nikos said that he was leaving Paris for Cannes. He also posted the same photo which was on Twitpic. But nothing about his departure… The Facebook page is in fact the « official » page of NRJ. And no one said anything about it… Weird… But, to remind us the popularity of the guy, we can look after all the « I like » of the page.

And, just to have an idea, we can also look at his personal page, ask him like a friend (he never answered positively at my demand…) and see that, on his profile he put a lot of songs he like, movies, groups, and so on. That’s a great free publicity for all of them.

As I’m I was waiting for him to accept me as a friend and to go check who were his friends, I just looked more into details at the 6/9 Facebook page. And there, in fact, I found commentaries about he leaving the broadcast ! Looking a bit closer at the picture « Mus avec sa quiche », which was taken on the plane, a lot of comments were posted and so… some of them were talking about it ! And some of the fans are rebelling !

An unusual way…

  This is a bit of an unusual way to announce this kind of   news. First on his Tweet personal account (but Tweeter   is it really personal ?). Afterward, the news is used by    all kind of websites as a « breaking news » and finally,    the people who didn’t know can learn it from a Net    surfer. And still nothing from the official part of NRJ

But why this strategy to announce his departure ? Some rumours on the Internet seem to say that there were small disagreement between the head members of the radio channel station and him. So, was it a kind of a revenge ? Was it a way to show the bosses that HE was the broadcast and not the station ; so, if he leaves, nobody will no longer listen to? We’ll maybe never know but it’s interesting to see a new way of communication management.

A fan seems to be a bit more aware of what is happening, she says that « Manu », the next moderator was a great guy… The audience will tell !

Anyway, Nikos will give an explanation soon, as he told the public in the first tweet (actually, two were about his departure). And the question which is still worrying me is… will the next moderator have the patience to maintain the relation with the fans ? Because Nikos wasn’t only on twitter as we can see on the home page of 6/9 broadcast.

He was on Twitter, Facebook, the radio station had a TV Channel Youtube… Nikos wasn’t just on this social network. He interacted with his « friends-fans-followers ». He answered at the questions, gave a little word to everyone, posted some tweets like « good morning everybody, I’m happy to be there with you today »… So he was CLOSE to his public, he was in interaction with it. The public was seduced by the proximity and, when listening to the radio station, they could tell themselves  : « oh, this is Nikos, he told me « kiss » on Twitter yesterday morning ». It’s just fabulous to be so close to the audience ! And for the audience to be so close to their beloved radio moderator!

So, will the new moderator be able to take this place in the heart of the broadcast’fans ?

Life goes on…

Maybe life is going even quicker on the social network… I don’t know but Nikos already stop talking about the news (the same day), moves on and went to interview Lady Gaga at Festival of Cannes.


The « fan-friends-followers » thanks him, again, for his job, gave him some jokes and move on too…

Last Nikos’tweet of this story: « Hi my friends, happy to find you again this morning »…



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