Google, the king of the world!

How can the choice that Google makes influences the work of the journalists and the content of an article ?

First we have to notice that Google is becoming more and more powerfull. In the meantime of ten years, Google became an incontestable reflex for the internet search. Apart maybe of China, he has the monopoly of the information search on the web. Google is, in this spirit, comparable with Microsoft in the world of sofwares : an obligatory channel.

Symbolising google as the king of the world


As internet is becoming an always more important search way for journalists in their job, we would like to analyse the meaning that Google has in their way of working.

To start searching informations on the web, journalists use Google as initial points. 99.8 percent of the journalists use the search engine Google first.

We can notice an endorsement of the use of new technologies. The question is now : are these new technologies an advantage or a disadvantage for journalists ?

On one hand, it’s true that the time you need now to do your research is divided by ten or hundred. You musn’t spend anymore hours in the library to look for a book, then copy the pages you need before reading them. This time, you can spent it in searching more informations an controlling the accuracy of the things you write. We see here a positive effect of the use of search engines like Google.

On the other hand, we’re now living in a world where the quickness of the information has been multiplied by hundred. The dread of the journalists are the following : How do you want us to make a correct job if we don’t have the time anymore to do our research, to search deep infos ?

The way the journalists are writing also changed. By a simple Google search, your attention is directly attract from the ten first websites that Google is listing. That’s all the question of the so called « page-ranking ».

The journalists wrinting especially for the web have also to follow some rules. The basics are put the infos on the top of the paragraph, make short titles with the most of infos inside…

With this focus on the first result you find on Google, is there not a standardisation emerging ? We all are telescope to the same sources of infos.

We can conclude that Google is now taking an always biggest place in our world and in the infos we are finding on the web. From there, it’s up to the journalist how hi want to do his job. Taking the advantages of the quickness of Google without to forget that there is others possibilities of finding information.  It’s up to you, future journalists !

Angélique Rime


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