, the end of printed newspapers?

In making a subscription on the TSR telecom’s blog, we discovered an incredible website: One year ago, Edouard Lambelet and Iskander Pols founded SmallRivers, a swiss start-up. The firm is based on the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). In 2010, on the first day of August,, a revolutionary website, was born.

With, users can create their own newspaper based on their social network accounts. Effectively, when we have an account on Facebook or on Twitter, will sort out information in a semantic way.

For example, if we are fascinated about fashion and we did blog’s subscriptions in Twitter, will take the Twitt published in the last 24 hours and make a virtual newspaper. This is better to have few subscriptions to have a bigger newspaper (we had only ten Twitter’s subscriptions for this example, so the newspaper is a little thin). Here is the first page: won the first price in the competition Le Web 10 in December in Paris. The firm is also financed by Kimaventures, a funds of investment created by Jeremie Berrebi and Xavier Niel. With the publicity, the two cofounders, Edouard Lambelet and Iskander Pols, have 25 million to make available free of charge.

This new service has already seduced two million Internet users. Some users even subscribed to receive every day their newspaper made on measure. We can obtain two editions a day. With this manner, we do not have to be connected all the day in Facebook or Twitter to do not miss an important information.

An other way to use the application is to download other newspapers. More than 120,000 titles, created by’s users, are available on the web site of the company. We can select centres of interests (art, technology, sport, crime, …) and discover  selections made by other people. is available in English, in French, in Deutsch and in Spanish. More other versions must be developed in the next months. A “premium service” paying is also planned for 2011.

The main constraint of the site is that it is necessary to possess a Facebook or a Twitter account (but it is also the strength of the site: newspapers are based on the social networks). However, other web sites propose more or less similar services.

Tabbloid offers to create a newspaper with our RSS flows.

Zinepal, “online e-Book creator”, has the same functioning than but we can select several sources from Web (RSS flows, blogs, articles, …) and it is not limited by the time (24 hours ago for

Finally, Diary allows to write his personal diary on-line.

We hope that this post will tempt you to express your talents and to create your own virtual newspapers, on… or somewhere else.

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