iPhone: A new way to access information?


The iPhone is a practical tool that revolutionizes Internet access. It is now possible to go on the web in almost all areas of daily life. The number of users of smart phones is growing rapidly. The question is whether the gadget will revolutionize the way to get the information. In any case, it seems well that the iPhone is becoming a new means of access to information.

Since the 2000’s,  journalism is facing the advent of the Internet.This creation has radically changed the way of consuming information. In 2007, Apple introduced a tool called iPhone, one year later; 17 million of equipment have been sold.


Today, the iPhone offers more than 85 000 applications used by 50 million people around the world.


iPhone applications of press titles

Today, most newspapers offer applications (mostly free) that allow user to have quick access to some or the entire content of the paper version. For instance, the French daily Liberation which for the sum of 0.79 Euros offers the possibility to obtain the digital version of the title sold on newsstands. In addition, the application provides access to all headlines since 1973. It is also possible to create your own one. There is too an interaction with the public, in fact, it is possible with this application to send photos of actuality events. Images sent by Internet will be published for some on website.

A demonstration video is posted

The sports magazine l’Equipe also offers an application for 0.79 Euros.


But the vast majority of iPhone press applications are free. For example, the French news’ paper le Monde offers an application that has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times in 2009. It is one of the most read titles on the iPhone in France.


The free application of le Figaro has also a lot of success and has been downloaded over 500,000 times in 2009.

The Swiss press on iPhone

 In Switzerland, most of the press titles are present on the iPhone. Le Matin, for instance, offers an application that lets you view all the news shows on its website matin.ch. It offers the possibility to access a large gallery of images as well as TV programs of more than 30 channels. The application show also information from live sports. To learn more: site du Matin


The advent of the IPAD

The IPAD, put on the market by Apple in April 2010 seems to become even more convenient than the iPhone in terms of internet browsing and reading articles.

 A study of Nielsen shows that Ipad users spend more time reading magazines, books and get to the information than the iPhone users. Indeed, 56% of Ipad users spend 16 minutes to two hours daily to read information.




The Iphone is there a new way to access to information? This seems undeniable, however everything is very fast in technological innovation and the Ipad seems to be emerging to become too, a big competitor to the traditional press. It will certainly change too the way to access to the information.

 Yoann Schenker

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