Can Facebook become more powerful, and thus more dangerous, in the future?


Six years ago, nobody had heard about Facebook. Today, we hear this word at least 10 times a day; try it you’ll see. Even though you belong to the anti-facebook community, you still cannot be indifferent to it.

Mark Zuckerberg can be proud of himself; 26 years old, more than 500,000,000 friends and a salary of 6,900,000,000 dollars a year, here are the figures that witnesses his business success.

Facebook is now competing with google, and Zuckerberg is compared to Bill Gates. The movie “The Social Network” allowed us to see how everything began, the speed to which the concept spread, the controversies, the betrayals, the doubts. But when you see that, you can just say: “Whaou !!!”

But I still wonder, after all those interviews, TV reports, films about this gifted geek, if his company is as innocent and immaculate as him. Tough question.

Different profiles

Some assert that this website is the most dangerous weapon in the world, as if they were talking about  the nuclear bomb. Others, on the contrary, are devoted to facebook, using it like a diary in which they can express their deepest feelings and expose it to the world. At last, you have more reasonnable people, arguing that you’re the one in charge of your life: try it to know what this is really about, but beware, keep it under control! I’m one of those.
Having the possibility to post pictures doesn’t mean you have to show the world that you know how to dance the tango on tables, drunk, with a teddy bear. And it’s not because you can say to the world that friday the 7th of January, at 11.35 a.m you’re buying bread for lunch at the bakery around the corner with your sister in Engelberg, that you must update your whereabouts every minute. Some people paid the piper and were found jobless or single. Some even died.

The price to pay

However, nothing’s free, even facebook. If you want to enjoy it, you must pay. Not money, but something else, maybe more important; pieces of yourself: thoughts, moods, tastes, ambitions. That’s part of the game. Of course this brand new big family will always attract advertisers and unscrupulous people but how could it be otherwise ? Facebook is a goldmine, and it’s still up to us to keep this gold as unreachable and expensive as possible. But till when? Let’s not forget that Facebook, with some others, didn’t sign the charter of the right to be forgotten. Sure, Zuckerberg cannot complain about his revenues; but he perfectly knows that he can earn thousands billions and trillions of dollars if he decides to sell the biggest data base one can have in the world. What are his objectives? His future prospects?  Who are you Mark?
Even if he keeps repeating that he won’t sell the data base, even him cannot know how he will behave in a couple of years. As we said, Facebook is now as powerful as Google. Indeed, according to two people briefed on Facebook’s plans  the social network will soon has its own mail service. The 500 million users will be able to have their own address, whereas hotmail “only” has 360 million members… Why not, but what next?

Let’s just hope we won’t get that far… (sorry for the few bad words)

Being a facebook user means being constantly on the watch. Good luck…

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